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“Client”, authorized owner, owner’s agent, or representative (“Client”) exclusively retains Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit (“KSN”) to pursue a fair and equitable assessment of each parcel of property described above for the indicated tax year. Client authorizes KSN to represent them in a property tax assessment appeal before the County Board of Review for the above referenced property for the indicated tax year.


For tax year 2016 , Client agrees to pay KSN 33% of the tax savings, if Client is granted an assessment reduction. Tax savings are calculated by multiplying the assessment reduction obtained by KSN in the filed tax year by the most recent ascertainable tax rate and equalization factor applicable to the property. In the event a Court or Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board or Certificate of Error action is required to secure a reduction in the assessment for any tax year prior to and including tax year 2016 , the fee will be 33% of the total refund secured.


1. If a refund is secured by KSN as a result of an assessment appeal, Client authorizes KSN to execute all necessary documents on behalf of Client to obtain such refund and to endorse any tax refund checks payable to Client for deposit to KSN’s Client Trust Account and to disburse such refund to Client and KSN in accordance with the terms of this Contingent Fee Agreement.

2. Invoice for Contingency Fee may be issued from the date of the property tax assessment appeal ruling, and is due within 30 days upon receipt of invoice. If any proceeding is brought to enforce collection of any payment required hereunder, Client shall reimburse KSN for all reasonable costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.

3. Agreement may be terminated at any time by Client or KSN; however, Client agrees to pay all fees due upon termination, any work completed prior to termination and any fee as a result of a reduction obtained on behalf of Client after termination.

4. The sale, foreclosure or any other transfer or disposition of the subject property will not relieve Client from the obligation to pay any fees or costs incurred, but not yet billed, as set forth in this Contingent Fee Agreement. Client will still be held responsible for such fees or costs unless written notice is provided to KSN prior to the filing of an appeal.

5. In the event it is necessary that an appraisal be made to contest the assessment, Client agrees to pay the cost of said appraisal. KSN will not engage appraisers without Client’s express written consent.

6. KSN may request that Client provide documentation from time to time that will enable KSN to properly contest the assessment. However, KSN shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever if an assessment reduction is not obtained due to Client’s failure to provide complete documentation on a timely basis.

7. This Contingent Fee Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement and understanding of the parties relative to the subject matter hereof.

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